NVB Support for Conferences

Convention Support Systems


 We provide all information regarding facilities such as convention centers, lodging, and reception halls, and also coordinate with these facilities for your event. We can also introduce you to other relevant companies such as convention management companies, travel agencies, catering companies, and custom sign/banner companies. Furthermore, we offer information regarding local entertainment groups for your receptions, and other attractions that are unique to Nara. Lastly, information regarding excursions, events for accompanying guests, and programs held after conventions are also available.

1. Planning and event proposals
From hotels, reception halls, and other necessary facilities, we provide all the information you need to run a convention. We also offer plans that include excursions and events for accompanying guests.

Planning and event proposals Planning and event proposals

2. Financial support for signs and banners

We provide financial assistance to cover full expenses or a part of the expenses used for creating banners and signs placed around the convention facilities. Please ask the Bureau for more details regarding the requirements.

Financial support for signs and banners Financial support for signs and banners
Standing Signboard
Financial support for signs and banners
Hanging Signboard
Standing Signboard
※The signboard size is just a sample

3. Volunteers
Volunteers are available through a volunteer group associated with the Bureau. They are able to assist with registration, refreshments, and other tasks for the event to operate smoothly. English-speaking volunteers are also available for any activities requiring language support, such as excursions.

Volunteers Volunteers

4. Free plastic bags
We provide *free plastic bags for participants to use for any papers or materials they receive during the convention.
*There is a limit on the number of free plastic bags available. Please ask the Bureau for more details.

Free plastic bags

5. Free tourism pamphlets

We provide *free tourism pamphlets and maps about Nara for participants and accompanying guests.
*There is a limit on the number of free plastic bags available. Please ask the Bureau for more details.

Free tourism pamphlets

6. Free souvenirs

We provide *photography sets of Nara and its Buddhism sculptures taken by Taikichi Irie as souvenirs for special guests.
*Maximum of 5 sets given out per convention.

Free souvenirs Free souvenirs

7. Advertising space for conventions

We provide free advertising space inside the Kintetsu Nara station for event posters.

Advertising space for conventions
※ The information above regarding the support system is up to date as of April 2017.
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