After Convention Guide – Hands-on Experience

◆Shika Yose
Shika YoseTime: 20 minutes (9 AM ~ 11AM on weekdays; 9AM ~ 10AM in the summer)
(Sunday, national holidays, and after official hours are negotiable for the event. Shika yose is unavailable during year-end holidays.)
Estimated cost: 20,000 yen + cost for deer senbei crackers + cost for off-hours fee
Description: A horn is played in the early morning at Nara Park, which beckons all the deer to gather in one place. As one of Nara’s classic events, watching all the cute deer come together in one spot is a must-see for visitors.

◆Calligraphy (Shodo)
Calligraphy (Shodo)
Time: 60 mins or more
Estimated cost: Instructor fee + facility fee (5000 ~ 6000 yen)
Description: This is especially recommended for an all-female group. The event will be held at a rented facility with a guest teacher. It is a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture first hand.

◆For more details, please contact the Visitors’ Bureau.

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